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Spice of Life - Adventures in the pill aisle

I’m not much of a shopper. I do the grocery thing and that’s it. If I need something else I go to the store that has it, buy it and I’m gone. Wandering around until something takes my fancy is not for me.

Besides as we get older there is no need for any more accumulation of dood-ads.

 The other day I was in the drug store to buy another container of Metemucil. As I waited for Al to come with some money I wandered around a bit. In the section where all the laxatives and such like things were sitting there row-on-row, I noticed that laxatives for men were on sale. Excuse me? What the heck is that all about?

I understand that some products should be geared to one sex or the other. But laxatives? What could be the difference? Would I want to lurk longer in the outhouse and read magazines?

Women should not be left out. This very week laxatives just for women are now on sale. I tell you I am tempted to buy the kind for men just to see what happens.

I next found myself in the deodorant section. Good grief! How many different ways can a person be sweet smelling? There too I find that there are products just for men and pale pink or clear stuff just for the ladies. OK, maybe I can understand that concept.

Next aisle, shampoo. There is stuff to give you full body. Let me tell you I have that already. There is stuff for coloured hair or curly hair. There are other kinds that have all manner of healthy sounding ingredients. You would think it was food. Made me think of the days my mother would collect rain water for my hair. Sometimes she would beat up an egg and use that for shiny hair. It worked!

Step over here with me as I approach the section that has aspirin and other over the counter drugs to ease pain from one thing and another. Different strengths and different places the pills will target. We have something for back pain or a headache. Now for my money when my back hurts like the dickens I could just have a headache as an accompaniment. Which pill should I take? Which strength?

Let’s slide over to the vitamin department. There are more vitamins for this and that than a person would ever need. Not cheap either. There are vitamins names I recognise and other stuff that escapes me. You never know, some those odd-ball things could be just the thing I need. What to do?

If you have a computer, research, and always ask the pharmacist. Taking vitamins along with some of your regular prescription drugs could be a problem. Best to be on the safe side.

I am sure if I had stayed in the store much longer my education of drugstore merchandise would have been complete. Thankfully the person with the money showed up. We payed for my generic unisex laxative and I was on my way home with a sigh of relief.

Here is a little something for the birders out there: we have had a saw-whet owl here. I read that they will, when times are good, catch more mice than they need, store and freeze them. When they are needed they will “incubate” the mice and eat them.

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