Spice of Life

Sometimes peace is better than being right

Brenda looks back and forward, hopes 2021 will be a better year

I wanted to say it to you, but it kind of stuck in my throat.

Happy new Year?

For many having said that a year ago, it did not work out very well.

Jobs lost, some folks sick or worse.

Not being able to visit with people you care about and so it goes.

Happy New Year!

I have heard some get very angry because of mask wearing or not being able to do as they wish. I must remind those with that thought process going on — the pandemic is not about you.

I have never been a New Year kind of person.

Too much noise and carry-on for me.

I suppose this year many will throw caution to the wind and get together in large groups and celebrate without masks.

After all the virus is a hoax and nobody can tell you what to do.

I was thinking that some of you might have managed quite well. Seeing the grandchildren on the Zoom thing has worked out just fine for some, keeping the family safe being the big priority.

I have been able to look back on many years that have started out just grand minus the hangover.

“Celebrate endings before proceeding to new beginnings.”

“Life is change, growth is optional – choose wisely.”

So many quotes out there that could just set the right mood for the coming year. We all know that even with the coming of vaccines this pandemic will not be over for some time yet.

We can argue about the whole process and not a problem will be solved.

What I will do?

I will study and learn when questions come to mind.

“Be selective in your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right.”

I will certainly give great gratitude to all the health care providers who work so hard every day to make sure all of us are OK.

Hard to even make a list of those who have helped in so many ways.

Be appreciative of all the workers.

You never know, the New Year could be a happy one. Might help if you wash your hands , distance from other people and certainly wear a mask.

I try to remember those precautions are not about me, but it is all about the person I encounter.

Mask up for heaven sake!

While this new year comes to us, you just might have something to say to me. That’s fine. Just call 250-846-5095.

An email will come to me at mallory@bulkley.net.