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Something bad, something good come from perusing obits

Brenda finds a friend who passed on, reconnects with another through it

I don’t do crossword puzzles but I do read obituaries. I check the local reports just in case there is someone included that I know. Some of the stories are so fascinating. How did a family come to this region? So many talented and interesting people. Some lived here for many years, moved away, then came back to the comfort of a home town.

I read the obituaries from Port Alberni as well.

I often know some of the folks.

That is just what happened a short time ago.

I scanned the pictures and words about Port Alberni people and there she was, Irene Beckingham.

She was someone I knew very well some 70 years ago. She passed on when she was 94-years-old. I used to babysit for the family. With a few connections on this machine, I was once more in touch with one of the children from long ago. Michele is now in her mid-60s for heaven’s sake. Just something special coming from reading obituaries.

We caught up on our lives and vowed to keep in touch. I am sure the five children of Irene’s would say “To the world, you are a mother, to your family you are our world.”

For my Dad who died a long time ago, I would have said “Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.”

When my old Al died I respected his wishes for no obituary.

“People who know me will know I have died and they just might know a little about my life.” he said.

Someone once said: “Life is a song, live it!”

Kind of a maudlin topic for some, but the memories of your loved one who has passed should be a blessing.

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