The Gardener’s Corner

The Gardener’s Corner

Slowing down: Some jobs just become wishful thinking

Erik’s work days get shorter and his time at the breakfast table gets longer

We are now approaching the time of year when so many people expect a lot to happen.

Someone expressed to me that she hated Christmas because she could not afford to buy the gifts people expected.

One gift most people would enjoy is a simple smile.

A grocery store in Victoria, B.C., once advertised, “We put a smile in the bag for you.”

Are you aware that smiling is relaxing to the muscles of your face?

I finally did get to clean up the tubers from the tuberous begonias and covered them with peat moss. It was not really a big job, but finding the time, when splitting and stacking firewood, to be used next year, and getting the Christmas lights hung up outside, left little time for extras.

I will tell you a little secret. Just keep it to yourself. My work days are getting shorter, and the time at the breakfast table is getting longer.

Therefore some jobs just become wishful thinking.

I had some spring bulbs leftover from the fall planting.

I had them stored in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

My wishful thinking is to plant some of them in four-inch flower pots in the middle of December and the rest later two weeks apart.

They should be setting buds in late January.

After doing the planting, I will be leaving the pots in the basement, which is cool and dark and they will remain there until some greenery appears.

Then I will bring the flower pots up in the living room and wait for the buds to open and liven up my living room with a splash of colour.

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