Riverside rudeness against a senior

Riverside rudeness against a senior

Writer says he had very poor experiences at Riverside Park after an incident at the campground.


Big complaint against the Town of Smithers. A serious problematic action in the case of wrongful eviction from site no.35.

This action was without just cause. The eviction was forceful with the threat of calling in the RCMP. My name is Gerald Haidenger, I am a retired power engineer employed by the federal government. I am a respectable, law abiding, tax paying resident of B.C. who now resides in Smithers.

The rude, disrespectful manner of the Town of Smithers against a senior. No consideration to be informed about a disagreement with the now former park attendant. Two days after the eviction, the then campground called the RCMP. I was parked near Riverside Park watching a DVD in my car. An RCMP vehicle came, lights flashing. Constable N. Djuric questioned me as there were complaints against me. Nothing happened as I was doing nothing wrong and had done nothing wrong. He gave me his card and left.

There has been now another problem with the new park attendant. While sitting in my car watching a movie at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 10 at Riverside park, two RCMP cars show up — there was a complaint against me, which again was completely untrue and they left. The one constable was Fox. I had a conversation the next evening with Constable Fox. He said the attendant told them I was swearing and yelling at the attendant, that I was rude to campground tenants, which is completely untrue, as I have many friendly conversations with campers while in the park. This is the second time the RCMP was called.

On Saturday, Sept. 16 at 2:45 p.m. while walking my dog Maggie at Riverside Park on leash, apparently the Town of Smithers has again called the R.C.M.P. against me. Constable Dion and Constable Mindel were rude and disrespectful. They stated that I had been banned from Riverside Park and told never to come back, which is not true. They also said I was evicted from site 35 for non-payment which is not true, as I am well-off. They also said this is a private park. These men were ill informed. They threatened me with arrest and being taken to jail. It was my dog that prevented me from taking them up on their offer.

I bring this to the media in the hope this will not happen to any other citizen of Canada or any other country, in such a beautiful park and in such a great place as Smithers, with so many friendly people.


Gerald Haidenger