Sonja Lester - Hard Copy

Sonja Lester - Hard Copy

Retiree turns to woodworking for COVID relief

Sonja’s weekly roundup of Bulkley Valley anecdotes

Sherry Applegate has been doing woodworking since she was a teenager. When she retired from the Ministry of Transportation two-and-a-half years ago they gave he a gift certificate for Windsor Plywood in Prince George and she bought some wood. She has made 180 wooden buttons for Ursula Yeker of the Wooley Ewe. Her dishes are food safe and the only limitation she knows now goes beyond her imagination or ours.

It is her coping-with-COVID-19 story. It helps keep her mind off of social distancing and going stir-crazy. If you need it in wood she’ll give it a go, custom burning signs, etc. She also has Harvey, she said, with a smile in her eyes. When she is within the confines of her home Harvey is her six-foot invisible rabbit which she takes out of the closet when she really needs someone to talk to.

And she gave me another smile as if daring me to print that. She doesn’t sell in stores but you can order if you have something in mind give her a call: 250-847-5271.

Wild Bear Rescue, the show about our Northwest Wildlife shelter, located on the Telkwa High Rd. is on CTV and K:HD from my satellite every Sunday.

The first one I saw was a wild, not-liking-to-be-caged grizzly called Shadow. He had Peter Langen’s heart, attention and very good will. To be released, Shadow was flown by helicopter into the most stunning, hard-to-reach mountain home: rock back wall, a green lush meadow above sub-alpine stunted trees and with a little mountain stream curling through. Shadow was released, ran, stopped and looked back and then he was gone… in a great, big hurry. A grizzly in his mountain habitat.

Geri Brown posted on Facebook that the 600-pound, likely four-year-old, grizzly had been trapped and relocated. It had been habituating Ebenezer and Dohler Flats most of this fall and it would have been a sight to see him swimming across the Bulkley River. The vision of Peter’s Shadow being released into his new habitat is what I hope for with this four-year-old grizzly from down at the flats. A new home that suits him and away from the danger of being too close to a population of humans.

Coping with the time change: I have to remind myself that this is ‘standard’ time. I am adjusting to normal.

Living in Canada is not to be taken for granted. We came to the aid of others in an horrific situation overseas and it assured us freedom here on our soil as an unexpected great reward.

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