Republicans not the brightest bunch

This is so laughable and darn right funny that it’s sad in a way and at the same time a testament to how ignorant American Republicans are.

This is so laughable and darn right funny that it’s sad in a way and at the same time a testament to how ignorant American Republicans are.

As the fate of their presidential nominee Mitt Romney became clearer, Republicans began bemoaning the outcome and making plans to move to Canada.

Presumably this sentiment implies they feel our Canadian politics and ideology are best suited to their way of thinking.

It probably helps that we speak a relatively similar version of English.

Haven’t heard about too many Americans saying they were going to move to France or Italy if Romney wasn’t elected president.

If Republicans want to move here, it must mean they favour equal rights for gay couples and same-sex marriages.

By the same token it must mean Republicans recognize the importance of separating state and church.

Republicans must also be the kind of folk who believe firearms are meant for police and not citizens.

Most importantly, Republicans, disappointed with Romney’s loss in the presidential election, must want to come to Canada to take advantage of our universal health care system.

However, a quick peek at the Republican election platform,, reveals Republicans don’t support gay marriage, pro-choice, the separation of state and church, or universal healthcare, or Obamacare as they call it, but they do support the right of every citizen to bear arms.

What the latter means is if you get shot and aren’t wealthy, you’re going to bleed out.

Nonetheless, we should let the disillusioned Republicans into Canada, maybe we can set them straight and turn them into Democrats in time for the next election.

Unless of course Stephen Harper has his way, then we may really be flooded by Republican immigrants.



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