Thankful to be a Canadian this week

Thankful to be a Canadian this week

A few words of thankfulness could do us all a little good, Brenda writes

“O Canada.”

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, I should be well prepared to be thankful for this country of ours. Some of our words in the anthem have so much meaning for me this year.

“The true north strong and free.”

Added to that we can say, “We stand on guard for thee.”

I come to this topic when some of you who had called to discuss your depression and anxiety told me the heavy veil of depression had begun to lift.

So, what should I do? Watch the American political debate? Would listening to the ignorance of Donald Trump help us? Would his lies and rudeness ease a troubled mind?

I listened to most of the debate and when all the nonsense was over I felt ever so thankful that Trump is what some people wanted far away from this peaceful place. We have our political woes in Canada, but we know, sure as the day is long, Trump would not rule this land.

I soon felt less depressed and could just be thankful for my life as it is. Fiiled with friends and kindness and an old dog and cat who care about me. Look on the bright side as they say.

Thanksgiving will be a busy time in church. I don’t really remember the service at our Anglican church, but I do remember we had a big dinner after church. We all sat down to a special meal. Of course, “Grace” was said before we could appreciate the effort my mother put into a lovely turkey dinner.

“For all we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful.”


Those few words of thankfulness could do us well for all the days. I talked to you through my face covering and I feel so sorry for your health issues and your feelings of loneliness and that your good old dog died.

Better days just might come your way. Good luck to all of you.

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