Regional representative finds way to fill Lake Kathlyn

Regional representative finds way to fill Lake Kathlyn

President of Lake Kathlyn Protection Society thanks RDBN director for water diversion effort.


These days it is very easy to be cynical about the behavior and performance of our elected officials. It makes it that much more important that we publicly acknowledge outstanding service when it occurs. Our society operates a water diversion on Hudson Bay Mountain that provides essential fresh water to Lake Kathlyn. The aging infrastructure was severely damaged by flash flooding last year resulting in very little fresh water reaching the lake for much of this past summer. Initial advice was that our project was not eligible for federal gas tax funding. Our Regional District Area A representative, Director Mark Fisher, refused to accept this position and acted strenuously on our behalf to secure financing to rebuild. This was a classic case of “how can we make this work?” We should all be so lucky as to have more representatives with his dedication and positive approach.

To Mark Fisher, on behalf of our members and all those who enjoy the recreational opportunities that a healthy Lake Kathlyn provides, thank you.

Terry Stuart


Lake Kathlyn Protection Society