Reflecting on life in the furniture store

Brenda Mallory reflects on life in her Spice of Life column.

Here is the question for the day: why are things so big? OK, I know how people get big. Lots and lots of food. But what about the other stuff?

The other day found us out and about looking for a recliner chair that would be easier for someone not up to snuff to get out of. Some of the chairs had fat arms, fat seats and thick backs. Sounds like the large people I just mentioned. I tell you we would have to add on to this small house just to get the chair in place.

While we were looking for the chair I saw an exercise machine that does I-don’t-know-what. All well and good for those who have nothing else to do but it was the size that amazed me. Looked like something a whole train of people could ride at the same time.

Big washer and dryers, a big fridge and stove. Flat screen TVs sported a Christmas ribbon on their very large format. Where would you put that thing? I figure it would kind of dominate your space. What is the point?

Large houses, large furniture, probably large debt. What came first? The large houses or the furniture?

Maybe I am just in a pre-Christmas mood where people think big and I am just ever so annoyed about the concept. Big presents, big amounts of food. Big, big ,big.

I was wondering if maybe those of us without the room to accommodate big material things could try to focus on having a big heart. I know this past year we have been on the receiving end of folks who have shown us how big a heart can be. A friend who drives us here and there, another who plowed out our driveway, others who call to see what we need. Stoney who plows showed up with a welcome bag of ready kindling. Now this is big.

Family and others have given us a bit of monetary help. That is big as well. Big, big hearts out there.

Maybe downsize the need for the big ticket items and expand the goodwill in your heart. No need to buy a bunch of junk for someone who does not need any. I know I have talked about this before but I felt it had to be repeated.

So the hunt for a sensible chair continues. I know size matters but in this house we are going for comfort. Can’t waste the time or energy having to think big.

You could phone about the big ideas you have. Just call 250-846-5095. An e-mail is appreciated when it come to  I have an idea I have not returned all the calls this week. Please excuse me for that.

Brenda Mallory writes For the Birds and Spice of Life.