Public bus service better way forward

Public bus service better way forward

Group not impressed by Greyhound response to quality of service questions.


Greyhound has been cutting bus service in Canada for years, and VP Stuart Kendrick’s response to our op-ed shows Greyhound’s corporate owners (FirstGroup plc) have no intention of reversing this decline (‘Greyhound defends quality of service, believes rural transit is important’ published Feb. 14). Instead of decisive improvement, the best Kendrick can envision is inadequate “bus services continue for the long term.”

Public funding to maintain a dismal status quo and send profits overseas is no answer. We can and must create a really good highway bus network to cut climate pollution, prevent deaths and injuries, and improve the economic and social health of B.C. communities.

Greyhound’s dedicated frontline staff would love to help create a great highway bus network, but UK-based FirstGroup is apparently not interested. A public bus service, employing existing Greyhound workers and hiring many more, is the better way forward.

Joanne Banks, Bruce Bidgood and Eric Doherty

Members of Council of Canadians chapters in Campbell River, Terrace, and Victoria respectively

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