Protect Lake Kathlyn

Smithers council should protect Lake Kathlyn from further development.


Every time I drive by Watson’s Landing Lake Kathlyn, I wonder what town council was thinking to allow 29 homes on seven acres of lake shore, unbelievable.

It’s clear to me that council was developer-led.

Originally it was zones hotel, later bed and breakfast and now 29 homes.

Town-size lots on lake shore can hardly be called country living – it’s not a good fit.

Rural properties were two to seven acres, at best.

That would put three homes on that site.

To date, several home are near completion, others started.  The site looks overcrowded.

The notion that the lake will be better served because of this development is like telling the world a super tanker never leaks.

The worry I have is if the development is successful, eventually, the developer has one thing in mind – expand.

Perhaps it’s time for the new council-elect to consider Lake Kathlyn a heritage site and to govern her shores accordingly and not litter it with urban sprawl.

Gerry Hamming