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LETTER: Praise for municipal campground staffer

Letter writer relates story of a Town employee going above and beyond the call of duty


My wife and I recently purchased an old motor home. After some in yard preparation, we decided to go RVing.

Because of the age of the motor home, and the fact that we know nothing about RVing, we decided to camp out in Smithers Municipal Park, the theory being, we would be close to stores if we needed parts and close to home if things went downhill.

The Park Manager (Doug) assigned us to our spot and away we went. To give myself credit, I parked the camper reasonably close to where it needed to be.

I located the electrical cord and plugged into the park’s service. It was at that point I realized we didn’t have a water hose.

While my good lady and I were discussing which of us would go home and get the hose, Doug showed up in his golf cart just to check that everything was okay.

He explained about the special water hose, showed me (he did it) how to hook it up to the sewer and helped me roll out the awning.

We are set up and camping. Kind of.

I found water leaking out of the undercarriage of our camper.

It was a broken fitting in the water line way down in the back of the cupboard.

Because I will never see 75 again, it was quite apparent that I could not get down there and crawl into the cupboard, let alone do a repair.

I flagged down Doug on one of his rounds and explained our problem. I asked if he knew where we could take the camper to have repairs done.

His reply was, “can I have a look?” So, with his flashlight in hand, he crawled into our cupboard to have his look.

He then told me he would be back later because he was sure he could fix the problem.

Sure enough, when Doug’s Park duties had been completed, he returned, toolbox in hand and went back into our cupboards.

Water leak fixed!

Doug is a very personable, friendly, young man who will go beyond his required duties to ensure that each camper is trouble-free and made to feel welcome in the park.

This young man is a credit to his profession and a credit to the Town of Smithers. Thanks to employees like Doug, Smithers is “Simply Exceptional!”

Bruce and Linda Burrus