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Post-pandemic seems like we have learned nothing

Hospitals and doctors are overrun, be smart before going out Deb says
Empty shelves of children’s pain relief medicine are seen at a Toronto pharmacy. Two Ontario pediatric hospitals say they’re facing shortages of common pain relievers amid supply disruptions in some parts of the country. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Joe O’Connal)

We have been hearing a lot about the triple threat of RSV (a respiratory virus), the flu and COVID overwhelming hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Even though we often feel remote in Smithers from the outside world, it is here too. People are sick. Our hospital is full, and if you head up to emergency, you are in for a long wait.

What has me riled up is people continue to go out, to shop, to attend functions, to work, to send their kids to school, sick. When you do that, it is like saying what I’m doing is more important than your health. It’s a slap in the face to others.

I get all the reasons people give for continuing to be in public, childcare problems, money woes, etc., but after the last two years through the pandemic, somehow folks figured it out and stayed home. That’s what needs to be done now. If you or your family or children are ill, please keep them home.

I don’t want to end up in the hospital, no one does, but that is exactly what is happening. Just listen to the news where children’s hospitals are operating at over 100 per cent capacity. How terrifying for parents whose children cannot breathe and they have to wait eight hours or longer just to be seen in an emergency room.

Hospitals are calling in the Red Cross, setting up triage tents to evaluate and prioritize who is the sickest, and governments are considering bringing back workers who are unvaccinated.

This is a critical situation, people and children are dying. The medications to help, such as children’s Tylenol, are not available.

And yet, people keep choosing to go out, to send their children to school.

Teachers are getting sick from the children coming to class with fevers and other illnesses. What is going on people?

It seems our individual need to go out, go to work, attend a concert or a party has overridden our common sense. If you have a fever, cough or both stay home. Keep your kids home.

We don’t know others’ medical situations, but we can control our own behaviours, to keep others safe.

You do have options and precautions you can take. Flu shots, masks, take vitamins that help your immune systems. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not promoting anything.

I’m not re-visiting the whole COVID controversy, been there done that and am not discussing it again.

I want you to think, before you or your kids go out sick. It seems like a simple ask. I don’t want debates on vaccines vs personal rights. I think you have the right to make medical decisions regarding your own body. What I don’t think you have the right to do, is go out sick, and put me and everyone else at risk.

Our doctors can’t take it, our schools can’t either, and our hospitals are beyond handling the flood coming through the doors.

So stop and think, “is my need to go out sick more important than other people’s health?” I think not. Snd if you do, you are being selfish.

We are supposed to look after each other, so please, do that. You have no idea of the cascading events you may cause in another person’s life.

Be safe, be well, but most of all be smart.

Young girl sneezing. Using Kleenex helps to prevent spread of germs, when sneezing. (VStock photo)