Popcorn… not just for snacking anymore

Brenda makes a meal out of those tasty popped kernels

Popcorn… not just for snacking anymore

It’s dinner time – again. Same story as most days. I don’t want to cook anything. Having said that to myself I went out to visit the dogs and spied the popcorn popper. Perfect! I’ll have popcorn. I know others who eat popcorn for a meal. I decided I had better find out if it is good for me or not. Well, for heaven sake, those little kernels are packed full of goodness for my body.

Top of the list is that popcorn could help us lose weight. Only 31 calories per cup. We would have to eliminate the sticky sweet kind. Personally, I don’t like the kind that pops in a bag nor do I like theatre popcorn. I quite like regular air popped corn. I prefer a bit of butter but this time I sprinkled a dusting of parmesan cheese. Comfort food.

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Popcorn also keeps blood sugar in check. It is a whole grain which has the bran and germ. Being a whole grain it has lots of fibre. Also high in protein.

Minerals and vitamins are packed in those tasty little morsels. Calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium, Vitamins B6 , A, E and K. Add folate to the mix. I was then told that popcorn had the ability to boost eyesight.

I don’t expect all of you to start popping like crazy. I know we should eat our meat and vegetables. Popcorn is like a vegetable. It has the protein. For tonight it was the perfect solution for a person not wanting to cook and in the need of a tasty comforting food. With a cup of tea I am almost in heaven. Not quite, but pretty close.


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This day is November 12 and reports of hummingbirds still come in. Amazing.

A big thank you to Cas who came to help me after my plastic windows broke loose. Sure was windy in this cabin. Thanks to Elaine who brought soup etc. Probably better for me than popcorn.

Thanks for the calls to 250-846-5095 and emails that came to mallory@bulkey.net.


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