Pitch in a penny for peace

Pennies for Peace garage sale, Saturday May 28, 8 a.m. – noon, 4463 Elm St.  To donate items call Pauline at 877-7737. Proceeds go to Pennies for Peace, charity founded by Greg Mortenson, author of “3 Cups of Tea,” to build schools for girls in Afghanistan. Inspirational book, and second book “Stones into Schools” even more so. Amazing work by his organization.  A wonderful demonstration of what can happen with one person, one step at a time: over 141 schools built, over 58,000 girls educated.

Curtis Cunningham Photistry is starting a fundraising project, rockethub.com has information. He has been busy: two new photography books, blogging, daily photos for 2011, and character studies of Lego mini-figures (done with his son using collected figures).

Scrabble Tournament at the library on May 25, registration at 6:30 p.m., games start 7. Prizes for top three best scores, refreshment to keep your strength and wordsmithing at a high level. Don’t be shy. Most times I barely reach 100 points in a game but we laugh tons over some of the crazy words.

Genealogy sponsored plant sale at the Goat Statue Park on May 28, raffle draw happening at noon. Be there are 8 a.m. to view, sale starts at 9.

Seniors’ garage sale at the Seniors’ Activity Centre (behind Coast Mountain) supporting travel costs for seniors attending the Seniors’ Games. Contact Ilene at 847-3478 to drop off items.

Vote and vote again to push the Northwest Animal Shelter Society into the winning first place. Go to their website for a connection to the Pepsi Challenge.

Expanding Circles on May 27 and 28 at the Della Herman Theatre, 7:30 p.m. Dance, live music, storytelling with 18 members aged nine to 65.

In horror films, remember Michael Landon in “Teenage Werewolf”? A teenager myself, the guys loved nothing better than to follow us around, snarling and grimacing in a fine imitation of Landon, gaining screams and fluttering from us. “The Hand,” a hand, cut off at the wrist, turning up in the dark, crawling around. Worst scene: two people sitting in a car, the hand creeping up the back of the front seat towards them. To this day I have a problem with not knowing what is behind me. Earliest horror films, influenced by German expressionist cinema, used macabre atmosphere and theme to create horror. A dual personality, 1913; 1914, the medieval Jewish legend of a clay figure coming to life, a “Golem”. Remember “The Mummy”? A bandage wrapped figure that dragged a leg and came after you. The poor thing got pretty ragged after lasting through several films.

Closing with: Defensive strategy never has produced ultimate victory. General Douglas MacArthur.

Lorraine Doiron writes the weekly View from the Porch column.