Spring is in the air. (File photo)

Spring is in the air. (File photo)

Our little slice of heaven in northwest B.C.

Deb looks at life with re-newed eyes of spring.

Hints of spring always bring me renewed hope and enjoyment for the year. We are past the dark and, compared to the last two years, the loneliness of being pretty much secluded, which has been difficult for everyone.

I see people on bikes, boats and trailers coming out of storage, and grass pushing through the remainder of the snow. It feels different, it also smells different. I love it.

What stuck me though, was how normal this is, how life always goes on, no matter what is going on in the world.

Because of where we live, our being in a more remote area, brings a certain degree of protection against the atrocities that are happening around the world.

We can go outside and dig around in our gardens and forget wars, intercontinental ballistic missiles being shot off, death, starvation, famine, high prices of everything — it just melts away in the serenity of our little place in the world.

I remind myself to give thanks and grace for all that we have here. Mountains, valleys, fertile ground, wildlife, and each other. We all live here for our own reasons, but we live here and that makes us close. It makes us depend on each other, even when we disagree, and we have done that a lot in the past two years.

There were bigger needs that brought us together these last two years. Families lost loved ones, we lost friends and neighbours. We came together. We rallied for causes, celebrated triumphs like paralympic silver medals, and bob sled team triumphs. Members of our community have won awards and made remarkable contributions to our communities, like Luke Smith.

We do these things together, and for one another, and for that I am thankful. It is really what keeps me here.

People give of their time, resources and money for many needs. They serve terms on boards that oversee all kinds of things like the pool, the school board, city hall. Every sport you can name has a board, Special Olympics, food security, seniors homes and programs, and it goes on and on. I don’t want to lose track of all that good.

So spring is a good time to look with renewed eyes at not just my life, but life around me and those around me, and to be grateful for all I have, where I am and who is with me.

I live a blessed life, as I am not hungry, or running for my life. My children and grandchildren give me joy, my parents are alive and a beautiful part of my life. I have friends, a job I like.

Yes, I have struggles but have learned they and grief make us stronger and more human and empathetic. You grow during difficult times.

So if you can, during this spring time, be thankful, be grateful, help a friend.

Heck, just smile to a stranger on the street.

We live in a great place, with great people.

My heart looks forward to remembering all this every day, every year.