ORDER FROM THE MESS: Teachers are invaluable to society

Dan Mesec shares his view on the importance of teachers for the future of our country.

We all have fond memories of school. I’m sure most of us also remember the not-so-good times. The days when we wondered if there would be classes tomorrow or not. For students and teachers in B.C. at the moment, that feeling is still floating just above us.

The recent back-to-work legislation has a lot of similarities to what I remember in my school days.

It was the late 90’s and the wonderful Mike Harris, of course a Conservative premier in Ontario whl was layed siege to health care and education with cutbacks. First there was work-to-rule, classes without extracurricular activities. Then came the full on strikes, picket lines and all. Third came what seemed like countless days off. Which for most teens was a God send. ‘No school! Right on!’

Although despite the fact we were having a great time by the pool not worrying about assignments it still put a damper on the business of learning. And I suspect the feeling is mutual now 15 years later here in B.C.

But the argument I think I need to make here is for the teachers.

In any event when there is a strike the students are really the ones who lose. Setting them back weeks if not months, time that can never be made up. Which is to say valuable learning time is thrown out the window.

But Bill-22 comes extremely close to infringing on basic labour rights, the B.C. government has to remember what we’re dealing with here. The education of future movers and shakers.

Education is the cornerstone to a successful society. Education elevates the quality of life for everyone. It breeds creativity and discovery and hinders crime and ignorance.

Teachers are invaluable. They do the dirty work. They make sure that once those kids turn into adults and start running the show that they have the skills and knowledge needed to continue building our country.

The service they provide is critical to our evolution as human beings. Despite the fact they are asking for higher wages when there really is no money to be given.

Still concessions need to be made. I, as I’m sure many parents feel the same way, want teachers to have the best possible resources they need to guide our young students to success.

Education should be top priority for any sovereign country and Canada has one of the best systems around. Not because we have state of the art institutions but because we have some of the best teachers in the world. Teachers who care enough to provide a critical service to society. One that should not be taken lightly.