No to an NDP government

Letter to the editor.


Notice that all NDP MLAs in B.C. are very arrogant and on ego trips, thinking like they are going to form government.  Never!  Saskatchewan taxpayers are having their provincial election on Nov 7.  Present government is the Saskatchewan party, which defeated the NDP government in the last election.  Current polls show the Saskatchewan party at 54.2 per cent to the NDP’s 33.7 per cent. (CBC News)  Manitoba taxpayers are having their provincial election on Oct 4.  Present government is the NDP.  Indication is that the NDP will be defeated to become the official opposition party.  Nova Scotia taxpayers elected a NDP government in 2009.  To date their report card from the taxpayers is not good.

Now that B.C. is once again not a have not province, do taxpayers really want to return to a nightmare?  If that happens, only blame yourselves, as you the taxpayers, make that decision.

Joe Sawchuk


(This letter has been edited for length.)