Erik’s stored gernaniums. (Erik Jacobsen photos)

Erik’s stored gernaniums. (Erik Jacobsen photos)

Nicholas offers a Christmas story with a lesson

Erik writes about the generosity of the season, his new seeds and offers kudos to Canada Post

As you probably know, Christmas is just around the corner.

It should be a time of joy for all people. Or is it?

For some, it is time they would rather not focus on, as it brings back certain memories.

I read, just the other day, an article about giving related to Christmas. Nicholas, who was born in the third century, had no idea that centuries after his death, he would be known as Santa Claus.

He was just a man who loved God and genuinely cared for people and who was known for giving, cheerfully, of his own possessions and doing kind deeds.

The story is told that after learning of a family who was in great financial distress, Nicholas came to their home at night and threw a bag of gold through an open window, which landed in a shoe or stocking, warming by the fireplace.

Perhaps this incident could inspire someone to reach out to others less fortunate.

The seed order which I sent for arrived the other day. It contained the following seeds: trailing lobelia, a special mix of marigolds and the all season cauliflowers.

The Lobelia seeds I will sow at the beginning of January, as they are very tiny and take several weeks to germinate.

The marigolds and cauliflower seeds will have to wait their turn until next year.

This week from my vantage point, while doing the final touches on the outside Christmas lights, I looked across the highway toward the Telkwa post office.

People were, at times, lined up outside since only two people can be inside at any given time.

When you do, in a short time, get inside it is nearly impossible to see the staff because of all the boxes.

But, in a short time, after giving the parcel card from the P.O. Box to a staff member, you are on your way home.

I want to compliment our postmaster and staff for the efficiency with which they handle this — may I call it a beehive of activity under control.

I am storing my 25 geranium plants in peat moss in the basement.

They appear to be doing OK. I need to water them now and then to prevent them from completely drying out.

Those plants will be part of my flower show next summer.

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