Newspaper a connection with the community with a morning cup of coffee

Sonja is enjoying having more time to read The Interior News with a renewed subscription

Across the Valley - Sonja Lester

Across the Valley - Sonja Lester

I can touch elbows with you but that is still too close so we both look away. The coronavirus doesn’t have a brain but we do.

In writing this column, and getting my subscription renewed, I had what was like an epiphany: I have had a lot more time to actually read the paper. I have a connection with the community with my morning cup of coffee.

Thom Barker wrote about technology and how losing a remote control with today’s modern technology halted his ability to watch his TV. The control was in the remote.

I can relate to that. What if I lost my phone? It is my camera, my wallet, my computer, my GPS and my phone book as well as my photo album.

Claire Rayment wrote about her grandma making Wacky Cake. I’ve used that recipe from my friend Elaine Enders for years. If anyone wants the recipe I have it just send me an email.

Eric Jacobson’s column seeded in my mind that I can start my outdoor plants early by using a heating pad under them.

Deb Meissner articles are written without bias. I knew someone was removed from a business for refusing to wear a mask. I learned who, how, where and why.

Also her new column Daresay with the headline “Seditious president unworthy of respect” grabbed my attention. I had to read it because what I saw was respect fly out of the window on Jan. 6.

I am happy our newspaper isn’t published like a glossy magazine because germs don’t grow well on newsprint. Doctors used to deliver babies on it, I would get my fish and chips wrapped in newspaper when I was on the beach and today WHO (World Health Organization) says it is relatively safe to share newspapers.

If you enjoy being on your own computer you can get your subscription e-edition.

Recently I lost a friend in Belgium. I got the notice from a cousin who saw an obituary in their local paper. Which brings me to my mind, it may be the answer to my question ‘what can I do?’

Perhaps a subscription to our paper. I bought a subscription to the Redding Record Searchlight in California. $40 a month, $480 for a year! $40 gets you the full year here in the Bulkley Valley. $30 for seniors.

Talking about connecting, Kamala Harris may be the first woman vice president but Charles Curtis was the first Native American vice president to Herbert Hoover and his mom was descendent to three American tribes.

There is a lot of connection there and he was born in 1860.

If you have something that connects us please e-mail or call 250-847-4414.