Never too late to learn new habits

Brenda’s TV receiver goes on the fritz and she discovers it’s not such a bad thing

Never too late to learn new habits

We are all creatures of habit, eat dinner or other feeding events at a certain time. Our days could be programmed for repeat activities to happen. I know I am that way. Up early, clean the litter box (this of course is because I have a cat). Walk the dogs, feed them, then walk them again. As my bed calls me I would turn on my little TV just so I could be annoyed at the political nonsense of the day.

As luck would have it my Shaw receiver bit the dust so a new one was ordered. No TV to watch so I listened to CBC Radio 1 in the evening. Well, for heaven sake, I think I might be a little smarter after having listened to some of the shows presented. As it Happens, Ideas, Q, Canada Reads. I actually would look forward to some radio shows. Sort of reminded me of listening to radio dramas back in the ‘40s. Better yet I did not fall asleep during any programs.

Weekends, CBC would let me listen to a lot of music. Perfect! Do remember that locally we have other radio stations that you would like. There is CFBV –870, CICK FM 93.9, CBRS FM 97.5 and CKEW FM 88.1. I hope I have all those letters and numbers correct. If not please excuse me.

Back to CBC 1. For five nights I listened to the Massey Lecture series. The speaker was Tanya Talaga. She chose the title from her book publication All our Relations: Finding the Path Forward. She presented the history and present day events that have affected our Indigenous people. I can tell you the events she told us about just broke my heart.

I thought I knew a bit about the residential school system. Not by half. The treatment of the First Nations people should make all of us hang our heads in shame.

I remember my time visiting the residential school in Port Alberni. I remember my parents going to the school to help out. Most of all I remember my friends Eric and Sheila Ryan who had come from Hazelton to go to school. A few years back when I discussed that school a relative of my friends called me to say they had both died. Now I will remember that.

I was thinking today that perhaps those seeking political office and those who can still learn will open their hearts and minds and listen to the Massey Lecture series. I gather you can retrieve the words on your computer.

I think I might break another habit. Even though my new TV receiver has arrived I might just give up on that TV. If the truth be known the darn receiver is the wrong one. What the heck, even at my age I could have time to develop new habits.

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