Sonja Lester returns to The Interior News this week as a community columnist. (Thom Barker photo)

Neighbours helping out seniors

Sonja puts out call for volunteers as the snow starts to fly

Bonnie Lefebre is showing not only her knitted textile work but the surface art she has been pursuing.

So many times when I read Brenda Mallory’s column I want to agree in banter. Buy that Smooth Move Brenda and when a friend tells me Brenda’s column helps her in life — to know that another person feels it too. I love her to pieces.

I agree with Brenda but no banter. The symbolism of the confederate flag on our Main Street, in our town or in our country does not belong. We have enough of our own bad history, let’s not borrow someone else’s to ignite … what?

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Check out our members only exhibit at our local art gallery. Our gallery is packed with work of valley talent — art in almost every medium: oils, acrylic, water colour, pastel, photography, jewelry, textiles and even dried flowers.

Bonnie Lefebre who lived in our valley and still has family here has moved to Qualicum Beach and is a textile artist. She shows on The Island and has been in shows around the world. At present she is working on surfaces of fabric with themes such as sustainability, as well as, spring in COVID-19 and climate in chaos. She gives a warm greeting to family and friends in the valley where she lived for 20 wonderful years.

Paulie Haines posted on Facebook how appreciative she was of Phil Bulmer coming out to help her, as a senior, for a few hours with the tough stuff. Phil wants to know if anyone would like to join the initiative to help out seniors or if there is a senior needing a helping hand. His phone number is 250-847-3468.

Ingo Oevermann belongs to a group that changed its name from Climate Fix Smithers to Smithers Climate Action. I am pretty sure there will be lots of tips on how we can personally downsize our impact on the environment.

Time to be blowing leaves off our driveways. We could leave some leaves on our lawns however. I just saw a murder of four crows flicking up leaves to search for dinner.

Please call 250-847-4414 or e-mail Deadline will usually be Saturday night for publication.