Spice of Life column

Spice of Life column

Nasty act ill-informed or racist

Brenda wakes up annoyed to the news of a Confederate flag strung across Main Street in Smithers

It’s early morning. The cat decides to do his business.

No sense going back to sleep. I stay awake and will take care of the thing before it has a chance to fester. While I waited, I listened to CBC radio. Our MP Taylor Bachrach came on to annoy me. Not as much as the cat and perhaps annoy is the wrong word. Inform me might be a bit better.

He was discussing the fact that someone had hung a confederate flag on Main Street. Really? Someone did this nasty thing because they are ill-informed or racist.

I could go through the history of the flag in the States, but I decided if someone thinks it is OK to fly a flag often associated with white supremacists my condemnation would not have any affect. I can only hope the rest of us understand how symbols like this are hurtful to our Indigenous people as well as new folks from other places.

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We have to be better than this.

Not a very forceful statement using my voice from a small platform. I feel just a little of the hurt experienced by people of colour. Most of all, I am disappointed.

Before this event I did have a topic in mind. Green Tea. We have discussed this in the past but I have been thinking as the leaves drop on a cool damp morning the best thing to jump start our day is a good cup of green tea.

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So many benefits. Green tea has been used since ancient times. It just might help brain function. It could also assist in burning fat. It is loaded with antioxidants that may lower the risk of some cancers.

Reduce bad breath. Help prevent Type 2 diabetes. It just might prevent cardiovascular disease.

The best way to prepare the tea is by boiling the water, then letting it cool a bit. Time to put the tea bag in your cup, pour the water and sip away. Good health and comfort in a cup.

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