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My little brother

A big sister speaks of why her family is pro-life.


I have a little brother who was born at 25 weeks and weighed only one pound. He recognized his mom’s voice and presence from the time he was born. He cried when he was born, because he didn’t want to leave the warmth and safety of his mom’s tummy. If he was held too much or if the lights were too bright he cried.

He is know one-and-a-half and very normal. He cries and laughs and plays and has all the emotions of me or you. I play with him every day and I get to experience first-hand God’s amazing power.

Twenty-five weeks is the age mothers are allowed to abort babies in Canada because apparently “they are not living things.” People try telling me that 25-week-olds are not living beings but my brother is living proof that they are.

So you can tell me to my face that abortion is okay and unborn babies are not living things, but I won’t believe you because I have living proof that counters that. It makes me sick to think that little babies like my brother are being killed daily and it makes me think, what kind of country do we live in, that we would just kill innocent babies? And I think, what kind of government do we have?

What is the future of our country that cannot admit they’re deceiving themselves?

Jodi Devries, age 13