Mother’s lessons echo from the past

I know, by the time you read this Mother’s Day will have passed. In fact my own Mother died many years ago. You know I am sure that never a day goes by when I don’t think of something my mother might have said or done. The influence of a mother’s presence must last a very long time.

Those of us who had a Mom from many years ago will have much different memories than those who have a modern day Mom. The influence of a couple of world wars and a depression frame all we have learned. No matter, the lessons do carry on.

For instance the other day I noticed a young woman walking along with blue jeans so tight I swear they must have been painted on. My old Mom always told me I had to wear cotton undies and loose trousers.

“You need air circulation” I was told. Now I know what she meant.

When I prepare a meal I can hear my mother saying “use it and put it away.” That lesson was a gift since I have most often lived in a small space where too much junk is a problem.

“Live in confusion and you will be confused.”. Right you are, Mummy dearest.

My mother was big on the styles of her day. Many of her clothing items she made herself. Even when I was very young my outfits were hand-sewn.

“Never wash your face with soap.”

“Always floss your teeth”.

“After you brush your teeth polish those ivories with a towel”. (That was good advice since she never had to have her teeth professionally cleaned. In fact I have never had it done either.)

“Don’t eat too much sugar” was more good advice.

I know if I were to look at my life I would fall short of the standards my mother had for style and house-proud activities. Just the same I can’t ever erase the lessons I had from my mother.

When I still had the privilege to celebrate a Mother’s Day with her she would be happy as a clam with some flowers. She liked to go out for breakfast. Even better would have been a few drinkies at the local beer parlour.

I do hope those who have Mom-status had a grand day. So young mothers, remember those things you say and do will be etched into the minds of your offspring for a very long time.

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Brenda Mallory writes the weekly Spice of Life column.