More gun laws would be misguided

More gun laws would be misguided

Root causes are the real issue says BV Rod & Gun Club president.


The federal government is currently reviewing firearms laws in Canada.

It’s understandable that all Canadians are concerned about the news we hear about shootings across the land.

For me, I am comforted by the fact that we already have very strict laws on the ownership, storage and use of firearms.

Unfortunately all the laws in the world do not stop those who either do not have the mental capacity to respect them, or who willingly for their own personal gain, ignore them.

As President of The Bulkley Valley Rod and Gun Club I get to see daily how responsible Canadians enjoy and use firearms for either sport shooting or hunting.

I see great safe handling practices, safe storage and ethical use. Despite that there is some consideration by the federal government to ban certain types of firearms in what I believe is a misguided attempt to create change. We all want to see a zero fatality rate but I think that we also all know that this will not occur in a society where complex issues are not solved by simply writing yet another law.

I encourage all of you to write to our MP and the Prime Minister and share your views on how to improve our society and keep us safe. They have been and will continue to be getting letters expressing my concern about mental health support, Poverty reduction and taking real action on drugs and gangs. Real change starts by looking at the root causes of the issues and then it takes money – alot of money – and time to develop effective solutions.

Brian Atherton,

President BV Rod and Gun Club