Media should call things what they are

Media should call things what they are

Letter writer takes umbrage with “politically correct” language in court reporting


It’s OK and important to use the correct terminology in articles about rape (“Hazelton man gets two years for sex assault,” Interior News, Oct. 30, 2019).

This article is about rape – use the word and don’t soften it by using the vague, politically correct term of “sexual assault.”

The woman is not the “complainant.” She is the victim.

He is not just “Reid.” He is the rapist.

So, in summary, the rapist decided to admit his guilt (after DNA evidence) so that he could magnanimously “save his” victim from testifying.

Then the rapist got a reduced sentence because he’s been reducing his alcohol intake and feels remorse.

Then the judge wished the rapist well for his continued recovery and hopes the rapist makes good use of his time.

In this report on the rape of an unconscious woman, I’m left wondering what sort of positive encouragement, support, services, compensation – anything? – was wished for the victim?

There is so much more to report on—using the correct terminology—please be brave and call it what it is.

It is rape.

Cheryl Ann Stahel

Prince George