Smithers Interior News Editorial

Smithers Interior News Editorial

Look for the bright side

Despite 2020, we have much to be thankful for; let’s pay it forward

During a year in which, by all accounts, people may be hard-pressed to find things to be thankful for, we must nevertheless find silver linings.

We hope that over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, our readers had a chance to do just that.

At a fundamental level, life itself is a gift. Anyone who has ever travelled to less developed nations has likely seen the joy of people who ostensibly have nothing compared to what we enjoy in Canada.

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Not one of us, from the humblest of subsistence farmers in Capanda, Angola to the richest of bankers on Bay Street in Toronto had any choice in where, when or to whom we were born and regardless of any of those factors, we have but the one life to live.

We should be thankful we were born at all.

Furthermore, for those of us locally, look at where we happened to have the great fortune of being when 2020 descended upon us. Sure, we may not have had the greatest of summers, but we also have not been impacted by COVID-19 nearly as badly as, just for example, some areas of Quebec.

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We have also been spared the devastating wildfires ravaging the west coast of the United States or the ones that afflicted Northwest B.C. just two years ago.

We should be thankful for that.

Sure, it has not been the easiest of years, but honestly, how many of us in the Bulkley Valley can say it goes beyond inconvenience?

And for that we should be very thankful, because quite aside from the truly horrific problems that millions of people around the world continue to face in their daily lives, there are those among us, even locally, who have been extremely hard-hit by 2020.

So, while we are being thankful, making the most of it and looking at the bright side, why don’t we all try to find some small way to pay it forward to those who are truly struggling.

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