On the Ropes - Tom Roper

On the Ropes - Tom Roper

Loggers and ranchers protecting fish habitat. Who knew?

Tom gives readers the lowdown on the Tobaggan Creek Fish Hatchery

I got an email the other day from a friend (Bob), who suggested that I give a shout-out to the Board of Directors of the Toboggan Creek Fish Hatchery.

Little did I know that these volunteer directors are democratically elected and chosen from the Evelyn area.

As landowners, they are most directly affected by any activity along the creek. Oddly enough these directors are loggers and ranchers and they are concerned about habitat and fish mortality.

I thought loggers cut close to creeks and were not concerned about protection of habitat. And I thought ranchers sprayed and were only concerned about crop yields. I guess I was wrong. Is this a model of co-operation that could change our conflict arenas?

This hatchery became an entity in 1985 and members have attempted to enhance fish stocks for the betterment of the Skeena watershed. Thank you for your dedication.

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I put a call through to the present manager Kris Bulloch and he informed me that the hatchery has been working on a contract with the Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO). They currently have a grant to the tune of approximately $241,000 to upgrade the facility, improve various channels and clean up trails.

This grant was donated 50 per cent by North Coast DFO, the other 50 per cent by Port of Prince Rupert, Coastal GasLink, and the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

The facility’s mandate also includes education and they encourage tours and will show off their achievements to any and all interested parties.

Naturally, COVID has prevented most visitors as of late but as restrictions are lifting, Kris and the team are hoping to have a so-called grand opening to show off their improvements. Hopefully, I can keep you informed as these plans progress. Seems like a good place to check on the lifeblood of the valley, water, fish and fish habitat.

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The other Saturday, my wife and I were able to get to the Farmer’s Market before closing. On weekends, we like to sleep in and relax but if you don’t get up and get moving like a farmer, you miss all the fun.

What a nice setup by the Central Park building. Not only are there fresh veggies available but many other wares to pique your interest.

My old friend Dave the cedar man in the back corner is always up for a joke and a story. You can find eggs and lunch snacks along with jewellery and artwork.

We also had a pleasant visit with Kym and her new to town friend, Laurie.

They were tickled by the fact that their sales for rhubarb chutney were way up. Both ladies were lauding the market.

“Where else can you join a group for $25.” said Kym “And pay a $20 weekly fee for a booth,” said Laurie.

Then on top of it all you can have some socializing, have some fun and sell a few items.

Sounds good to me as I was thinking of what I could sell besides stories.

Any community events or local advice give me a call at 250-877-1806 or send me an email to tr.ranch@hotmail.com.

Thanks, Tom


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