Locals could do it better

Letter to the editor for the Interior News on the South Trunk sewer project.


After watching the South Trunk construction project have a birthday on the side of the highway, I’m starting to think it might be here for another one.  Don’t count on me for cake and candles, though.  If I understand correctly, the reason local contractors didn’t get the job was because it required some sophisticated tunneling apparatus, which was supposed to keep traffic from being interrupted.

Well, there have been lots of traffic interruptions, and glacial progress.  I’d be willing to bet that if Ranch Trucking, or Steelhead Excavating, or any of a number of other local contractors had undertaken this project, it would have been done last year.  The highway could have been dug up, the pipe laid, and the road reopened on a two or three day detour.

Martin Halvorson