Sonja Lester returns to The Interior News this week as a community columnist. (Thom Barker photo)

Local and Texas pals united by licence plates

The new friends that Howard and Lorraine Duff met, Clinton and Connie Brown travelling up from the USA, have graciously let us know how they collected their licence plates without stealing them.

Most of their plates/tags are found at flea markets or by talking to the locals who most often know of someone who has one or can direct them to a purchase. They only collect originals that have been used, no exceptions! Once they return home, the plates are nailed to the open rafters of their covered patio for all to see.

A great conversation piece when company comes over. Among their many treasures is a NWT polar bear plate and a Yukon prospector plate and this one is a special treasure with the tag number ATE 48 which translates to Connie’s birthday 8/48. Thanksgiving Day here is also Columbus Day in the USA. I hope you had a happy Columbus Day.

Happy birthday Jack Paczinsky, who turned 90 on Sunday, Oct. 11.

My buddy Elsa Abbott and I were travelling, each in our own rigs, to a camping spot. On the drive just a few kilometers before we were arriving we saw a huge, very dark brown grizzly walking its own path and in the same direction we were heading.

When we arrived I got parked and walked over to Elsa’s site and there on the picnic table was bear spray, an air horn and a bear banger. Elsa had spent many years in ground search and rescue — be prepared!

Peter Haines is still looking for his Larivee and Maton guitars, Bose sound system, Bose B1 sound system, 43” flat screen Samsung TV, Mac Mini, Brother printer and a MasterCraft socket set, wireless microphone and an abstract stained glass made by Paulie Haines and an Oru fold-up kayak.

These items were stolen on the weekend of the 12th of Sept. The police did get back his e-bike and his didgeridoo as well as a few miscellaneous items.

Keep safe and please contact me at or 250-643-9749 if you have information to share.