LNG not safe for the environment

LNG not safe for the environment

Fracking singled out as dangerous by writer.


The Human Cost of LNG production makes me wonder what some people choose to promote. I prefer to have more positive alternatives to our children’s future.

The fracked gas industry (there is nothing natural about it) has a lack of regulatory oversight. Leaking methane all along the projects causes huge amounts of greenhouse gases which are not even added into the total emissions of these destructive projects.

Fracked gas projects, from well-head to final use, make the LNG industry no better than a coal plant and spike our greenhouse gas emissions higher than ever before. Our children’s futures look grim indeed if we allow any new fossil fuel projects.

Fracking causes leaks of cancer causing benzene and dangerous chemical cocktails that ruin billions of litres of surface and drinking water by leaking into the soil with each frack. Life giving water. Water is number one to protect. How is this a positive way to work toward a healthy future on our planet?

22,000 physicians agree that our families need protection from health-based risks caused by fracking and climate change. I would rather make a positive and safe decision for my community and join the green projects taking place in other countries.

Aren’t 450 wildfires in B.C. alone in early August enough climate change to want to move on to less destructive, more permanent jobs in the green sector?

A troubling report in July 2018 from CERI (the Canadian Energy Research Industry) suggests that western Canada assist the LNG industry by providing “further improvement of the tax regime competitiveness … and further increasing capital tax allowance”.

Bottom line, why should the B.C. public and Canadians provide more free money to another polluting industry. We pay for our own jobs, we lose tax money, we pay for all the climate change disasters we are left to clean up and we take all the risk. Doesn’t sound like a good investment to me.

We should be using our taxes for more positive improvements instead of rebuilding year after year the burnt areas, the flooded areas, the losses to businesses, and the human costs from so much loss from all the fires

and flooding and drought. The perished wildlife is hard to think about and may never be the same.

Fossil fuel projects including LNG only help to create out of control climate change, spills at the port and if we are lucky, we may avoid a huge catastrophe in Kitimat, the ocean being one of our most precious ecosystems that must be preserved.

LNG safe for the environment? LNG safe for Kitimat? I prefer to listen to the non-industry sponsored, independent peer reviewed scientists and get the truth.

People who care about the environment and are concerned about the future are the most positive people. I believe we can change, I hope that we do not live in the past with old values that ruin the earth’s environment and I do not live in fear because I can imagine a better world and will continue to work toward a healthier future on planet earth.

As they have in Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, approx. 18 states in the U.S. and approx. 20 different countries in the world, what makes more sense is a provincial fracking moratorium for the future of our sensitive ecosystems and groundwater. That would be positive for green growth.

Our Planet Matters.

Mary Ann Shannon