Life here and billboards here will inure

Life here and billboards here will inure

Writer says the former is not needing the latter at all.

Re: ‘Highway signs help visitors,’

Brian, Brian, Brian. So it comes down to tit for tat … sir! Perhaps, and may I humbly suggest, the only head that needs a good shake is your head, Brian.

Dr. Pojar made a one sentence statement, factual and to the point. His commentary on the meretricious gauntlet smacking residents and tourists driving into Smithers is not his alone. My wife and I hosted two separate parties from Western Australia this summer. Both visiting parties were appalled with the proliferation of billboards that bracket the town. Do you think, for one minute Brian, I defended the visual smack with a statement like yours: “the signs, without exception, are all professionally prepared and give to the tourists and visitors the sense that their various needs can be met…” It’s simply a stupid statement, Brian. All I could tell my visiting guests was that the blight is “on private property” — another irrelevant bullet you elected to fire at Dr. Pojar.

I, honest to gawd, have no idea what billboard post hole you have your head stuck in, Brian. But may I suggest you attempt to pull it out, give it a good long shake, and know, when you go to bed next, the one sentence commentary by Dr. Pojar will in no way threaten the Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Smithers nor the quality of life for its citizens. Life here and billboards here will inure – the former not needing the latter, at all.

J. B. McGonigal