Lets not wait for a mandate

Letter to the editor.

Editor :

Premier Christy Clark has ended months of speculation announcing she will wait until the scheduled date of May 2013 to face voters in a general election.

Since the harmonized sales tax was defeated by the general public, Premier Clark cannot wait until 2013 to see if she will stay on as Premier of B.C. She was only voted in as a B.C. Liberal leader by the Liberal membership. This does not give her the mandate to be Premier.

We did not vote her in as Premier of British Columbia.

Under the province’s election laws, elections are for every four years, but reserves the right of the government to deal with unusual circumstances such as death or resignation. The former Premier Gordon Campbell resigned, because of the unpopular HST, that is hurting the low income people. And probably resigned because of other issues. This calls for an election and the general public can decide who will be Premier.

We need a more statesman like public figure to run this province. There isn’t a lack of public appetite for another election this year.

So step up to the podium and face the general public and not visit the chosen few around the province.

Mary Dalen