Alice Williams at home with her healing crystals. (Tom Roper photo)

Alice Williams at home with her healing crystals. (Tom Roper photo)

Lady of the Lake: Communing with nature

Teacher, guide outfitter, healer and deejay, Alice Williams has worn numerous hats over the years

Alice Williams was born in Burns Lake, went to school in Smithers and currently lives in Smithers. Her mom was a teacher and her dad was a prospector and heavy-duty mechanic.

It is an interesting combination as I test my theory on osmosis within the family. Living as a family unit during our younger formative years, our parents’ ways, emotions, and occupations almost certainly rub off on us. So does that mean that Alice worked her life teaching prospecting and fixing heavy-duty machinery. Actually no, but there are definite connections.

Alice’s mother was a kind, caring person. She was the glue that kept the family together. Her mother died suddenly when Alice was 16. Somehow Alice was able to survive those tough times and did follow her mother’s career for a while. She even taught at the same school in South Town as her mother had.

Her father introduced Alice to the outdoors. They actually lived for a time as a family up at the Red Rose mine outside of Hazelton as well as other mountain top mines. The family then settled on the shore of Lake Kathlyn for many years.

The beauty of nature was instilled early and never disappeared. Alice’s father was devastated when his wife died. He was only able to mourn through his connection with nature. It was a very difficult time.

Alice went to U.B.C. for her training. It was there, in Vancouver, where she met her husband. They returned to the Bulkley Valley where Ken was able to find work in the local mills and logging in the bush.

He was good in the outdoors. Alice went tree planting for a few seasons. Now, we have two people interested in nature, living and working in the outdoors. An opportunity had to present itself and it did. A chance to purchase a guiding territory came along and they jumped on it.

Here, Alice found something she had always dreamed about. A perfect commune with nature. No roads, no logging and a direct relationship with plants and animals.

All animals, wolves, bears, fish and every other creature that makes up this perfect eco-system.

We are always trying to conquer nature in the name of progress. We seem to forget that we are nature and the further we get from natural world, the more we need it.

I walk among the bears, I don’t bother them, they don’t bother me. We respect each other. This natural connection is also clear when the fish arrive. The bears feed on the fish, they drag them up on the bank and eat them leaving the carcasses to fertilize the ground.

This, of course, promotes growth and other animals and organisms feed on that growth. This interconnection is the circle of life that we as modern humans are stepping away from according to Alice.

Alice also developed an interest in wild medicinal plants that naturally lead to healing capabilities. She expanded these skills to include energy healing.

Alice has a collection of crystals on strings and can get them spinning as she brings them into your energy field. Clockwise direction indicates positive health, physical and emotional. Counter direction at the seven energy sites indicate otherwise and Alice can help to improve your balance mentally and physically.

Alice has spent eight winters working for the CICK radio station entertaining listeners, discussing energy healing and introducing her musical style.

She is also is writing a book introducing energy healing to kids. Alice is no stranger to writing and has two books of poems on Amazon in her repertoire.

Every spring Alice returns to her fish guiding territory which she shares with her daughter.

She is a very caring lady with many ways to help others.

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