Judgment is sure to come

Judgment is sure to come

Has anyone made connection between proliferation of disasters and a judgment that is sure to come?


How far we have come!

Everyone who’s taken Ancient History in school has learned about the horrific practice of child sacrifice. We just read all about it again in our daily Bible reading. 2 Kings 17 tells us all about it, plus what happened to the people that took it over from the nations around them.

Apparently there are places in today’s world where this still takes place, Uganda for instance. Everyone will agree that this can’t be stopped soon enough!

One morning a few weeks ago I woke up to an interview on the radio in which a woman (doctor?) was telling the interviewer that today was a great day because the abortifacient pill RU486 is now available to pretty well anyone that wants it. She enthused that “normal female health care” was now available to practically every woman. Imagine, DIY abortion!

How is it possible that in today’s highly civilized world, a world so high-tech that almost anything seems possible, this same dreadful practice of child sacrifice is still taking place and has been for many years, even in Canada? The only difference being that instead of Molech or Chemosh today’s idol is called ME.

Has anyone made the connection between the proliferation of disasters and catastrophes, man-made or otherwise, that we hear of daily on the news, and a judgment that is sure to come on a people that have no heart for God’s laws? How far HAVE we come?

Ineke Barendregt