Is Greyhound abandoning the North?

Is Greyhound abandoning the North?

A frequent rider doesn’t want Greyhound to turn tale and run from the North.

To whom it may concern:

I am writing regarding the possible cancellation of your bus service (Greyhound) to northern British Columbia and Yukon communities in the coming months. The Prince George to Prince Rupert run includes the “Highway of Tears.” Traveling from Prince George to Dawson Creek, Fort Nelson and Whitehorse has much historical merit involving the “Great White North.”

The impact of this decision is going to be a hardship for those in smaller cities and townships. They will become even more isolated, especially between Valemont to Prince George, Prince Rupert, Fort St. John, Whitehorse, etc. Some who don’t have access to train or air travel, students and seniors who can’t afford other travel methods or those who are unable to drive themselves.

Not everyone can connect to train or plane service for travel south involving business, medical, education or pleasure. Much of this province’s wealth/economy is realized in the North. We appreciate living up here and enjoying what the area has to offer. It is a shame this valuable service is going to be reduced to “bare bones.” I can understand the financial side of this picture, however, surely something can be worked out to allow present and future bus clients continuation of this transportation system

I have travelled Greyhound regularly since 1974 all around southern, central and northern B.C. and Alberta, for two to three-hour trips or long hauls of 15-24 hours. Your drivers have been skilled, courteous, very helpful – and some even have a wicked sense of humour! There has never been any worry or trepidation when climbing aboard to leave on my many trips during any Canadian season.

I have also used your buses for shipping freight throughout B.C. and Alberta. Your staff at the depots are very respectful, knowledgeable and ready to always go that extra mile.

Please don’t penalize us northerners by cutting away this travel option in/out of our home base, but allow Greyhound to continue this safe, pleasant and reliable service to those of us presently using it, and to future customers and patrons.

Your slogan has always been “Go Greyhound … and leave the driving to us.” After almost four-and-a-half decades of exceptional riding and freight service, I would love to continue to do so.

Victoria Manson

Frequent rider fan

Lone Butte, B.C.