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In search of an electromagnetic fountain of youth

Tom covers a number of topics including a clarification of a past column
Dr. Millar invited me try it out on my various problem areas and I am going to make an appointment to test this “fountain of youth” machine. Tom Roper photo

First off, I need to provide a correction to a past story titled “Mission Impossible 2” (“No names, no pictures, just a whole lot of appreciation,” On the Ropes, The Interior News, Sept. 21, 2023).

I was recently contacted by my friend, the lady whom the story was about. There was some confusion in paragraph three in which I had actually rambled on about my experience falling off my bicycle and the caring persons assisting in that incident.

The paragraph did not clarify who I was speaking about and could easily have been confused. Unfortunately, some of the friends of this specific lady assumed I was speaking about her and inquired about her bicycle accident. I apologize for this lack of explanation and will seek to improve future ramblings.

Secondly, I just came back from a quick trip to Stewart for Halloween weekend. If you have not been to Stewart you need to put this excursion on your list. Did you know the complete trip is on paved roads?

The drive itself is only four hours from Smithers one way and you pass alongside beautiful Meziadin Lake and onto Hwy 37a, the Glacier Highway.

It is actually spectacular and, of course, it helps to have good weather for photo shoots.

Stewart itself has been through some slow times lately but economic conditions are improving with the local Ascot Resources mine preparing to reopen. I had a two-hour tour at the museum and was surprised to find out as many as seven movies and/or commercials have been filmed in the vicinity.

The main street faces beautiful Mt. Rainey with a view similar to Smithers and Hudson Bay Mountain only a bit more in your face.

The side trip to Hyder, Alaska and Fish Creek is probably better saved for summer when the bears can be viewed fishing.

Also continuing the drive back into B.C. and up to Salmon Glacier is easier in summer weather conditions. When we have friends or family visiting we always try for a road trip to Stewart.

Third on the column agenda this week is to let everyone in the community and area know our favourite tree topper, Sean Luken, has had an accident and fallen from a tree.

He was airlifted to Vancouver and is currently in serious condition. Everyone in the valley has had Sean do some tree work for them at one time or another. He is an artist up there on the trunk and never seems to charge enough for his services.

A donation account has been set up at the credit union and a GoFundMe page is in play on Facebook. This is an opportunity for us all to give back to one of our own as we are hoping for Sean’s recovery.

Certainly with no one in the family working as his wife Bobbie is down in Vancouver with him, expenses will mount and any financial help in his recovery will be very much appreciated.

My last info spot in this week’s column was passed on to me by my friend Stan.

He uses a chiropractor when his back is giving him trouble.

Seems that Dr. Craig Millar has purchased a Magnetic EM Field Pro, a made-in-Germany machine that has been improving results for those with back problems and other pain-related issues. I spoke with Craig and he seems very satisfied with the preliminary operation of this high-energy inductive therapy.

He says that when the cell membrane charge is low, the cell has little energy to perform its normal function. The EM magnetic field is 600 times stronger than a regular magnet. This electromagnetic force field can penetrate cells, tissue, organs and bones to improve membrane function.

Dr. Millar invited me try it out on my various problem areas and I am going to make an appointment to test this “fountain of youth” machine.

I will get back to you with my results.