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letters to the editor

In defence of Goodacre Place and staff

Letter writer is disheartened by investigation into housing facility

I am disheartened by the loss of Goodacre Place residents this year. I am equally disheartened by the misdirected inquiry at Goodacre Place. I am comforted knowing that the report will likely negate any wrongdoings by Goodacre Place.

I come from the perspective of a healthcare professional. I receive referrals from Goodacre staff regularly. They are constantly advocating for the best care of their residents. Advocating for growth of their residents and meeting the residents where they are at.

Goodacre operates on a housing first, harm reduction model. This means they host persons at risk of homelessness regardless of race, substance use or age. They operate on ensuring a person is housed and fed to help those individuals gain better access to recovery.

I worry about the investigations creating divisive judgments about these men’s deaths. I worry the grieving process will become more difficult for Goodacre staff and residents.

Goodacre has provided naloxone training to staff members. There are a number of prevented deaths because of these naloxone kits. I highlight this because the staff and residents should be praised for these efforts.

Thank you Goodacre staff. I see what you’re doing and I see what you’ve been through this year.

Thank you.

Danielle Rettie