Imperial Metals presentation shamefully biased

Imperial Metals presentation shamefully biased

Josette Weir believes the Imperial Metals presentation in Smithers was shamefully biased.

I was shocked by your article in the Apr 16, 2017 issue of The Interior News ‘Imperial Metals science officer talks tailing breach’.

Those industry presentations sponsored by the BV Chamber of Commerce are shamefully biased. I asked their manager to send an article showing the “other “ side of the story to their members published by Desmog at but she refused on the grounds that members are free to inform themselves otherwise. So I strongly recommend this article to your readers.

The Mount Polley mining disaster, the biggest mining accident in B.C. history, has not incurred any charge for any violation or any fees for damage done. In spite of what your article conveyed, taxpayers are left with a $40-million clean-up bill, notwithstanding the on-going environmental damage with detrimental effects on fish!

That’s what one gets with a corrupt BC Liberal government receiving donations from corporations like Imperial Metals, a larger donor to the BC Liberals.

In the meanwhile folks, find solace in knowing, as The Interior News reported, that the “science” officer of the Mount Polley is still looking to what caused the problem three years later.

There is no such thing as “polluter pay” when you are a big mining corporation but you are to be praised for “still looking” for the damages incurred to the Commons.

Josette Wier