HST helps the farmers

An Interior News letter to the editor.


The HST is here to stay. To go back is plain stupidity. Just because Campbell said he would not implement it is no reason to go back. Sure people are upset, but at this time to go back, the people of BC. are going to pay billions with our government’s return to the feds, plus the cost of all the businesses to redo all the accounting and computer changes. You people talk like we are dealing with a company. Don’t forget we are the government. Where do you think the government is going to get the monies for health care and all the other things you want. It was 12 per cent before with both taxes. Now it will only be 10 per cent, plus all the rebate cheques.

Give your head a shake and take down your stupid signs and use the money for a better cause, like cancer, etc. The HST has helped all the farmers. Don’t forget where your food comes from. The extra money is going back into the economy.

Gordon Stewart