Bulkley Valley hiking group meets Wednesdays to hike, eat and solve the world’s problems. (Contributed photo)

Bulkley Valley hiking group meets Wednesdays to hike, eat and solve the world’s problems. (Contributed photo)

Hiking group seeks to bolster its ranks

The group meets Wednesdays to hike, eat and solve the world’s problems

I got a call from Tony a few weeks ago and he wanted me to do a story on his friends and himself as part of a local hiking group.

This group has been around for quite some time now, say 15 or 20 years, and has been slowly losing members through the natural process of attrition.

Tony and the present members are looking to bolster their ranks and meet new fellow Smithereens for a bit of physical exercise, some in-depth discussions on the state of the world and some all-round camaraderie over a weekly afternoon dinner after an interesting hike at the various locales in the valley.

This group is now at seven members and once had as many as 16 hardy hikers. They talk of times with Ernie Hug and Bill Lopuschuk and the good old days.

I inquired as to their name, would the Group of 7 work. No said Gary,” that would make us artists.”

What about the Grey Hikers or Senior Hikers.

No, said Igor that would make us seem too old.

OK, I said “what about the Mexican seniors, they call themselves the Jubilados, the Jubilant Ones.”

“Well I like that, but we are not Mexican so let’s just say we don’t have a name at the present time,” said Tony.

“The fellowship is what keeps me coming back” said Hans.

“These guys are fun to hike with and seems no matter our differences during discussions we always laugh it off and are able to still be friends.”

“We all come from different backgrounds and ethnic groups,” said Dave. “I spent my working career in forestry and have lots of experience with government regulations so I am able to convince my partners the right way to do the job.”

“I have been a guide outfitter/farmer over the years and with my Ukrainian background I am able to improve on the situations with a practical outlook,” said Igor.

“Each person gets what he needs out of this group,” said Tony.

w“We have a weekly leader who picks out our destination and also has to prepare an afternoon dinner-style meal that all look forward to.

“And not to critique our meals but there does seem to be a slight bit greater interest in the meal from Hans. His wife is a gourmet cook and has a way of spoiling us when their turn comes up.”

“I enjoy the variety of locations,” said Gary, one of the longer-term members. “This valley, including Houston and Hazelton has so many interesting places to visit and I never tire of its beauty.”

So there you have it, another opportunity to have some fun in the Bulkley Valley. Maybe you are meeting your buds at McDonalds or A&W for your daily or weekly save the world sessions.

Now you can get a little exercise, see some nice country, meet some new friends and enjoy a great meal all on the same day.

If you have any interest and want a test drive give Tony Greco a call at 250-876-8643;

or Gary Van Der Meulen at 250-847-5433 and your weekly Wednesdays will never be the same.

Drop me an email tr.ranch@hotmail.com or give me a call at 250-877-1806 and I can promote your group.

Thanks, Tom