Highway signs help visitors

Highway signs help visitors

Writer believes Hwy 16 signs are professionally done and an asset to visitors and tourists.

Jim Pojar [who wrote Billboards blight highway letter published Nov. 8] — give your head a shake. And for a number of reasons:

What does a “blighted” highway have to do with the appearance or attractiveness of Main Street?

The Town of Smithers has no jurisdiction over property outside their municipal boundaries, which is where all of the highway signs reside. Further, the signs all reside on private property.

The signs provide valuable information for tourists travelling both east and west along “Canada’s other Trans-Canada Highway” (Yellowhead – 16).

The signs, without exception, are all professionally prepared and give to the tourists and visitors the sense that their various needs can be met in Smithers.

Brian Burrill



Billboards blight highway