Help for games


B.C. Seniors Games are being organized for 2011.

They will be held in the Kooteneys (Castlegar, Trail and Nelson) from Aug. 16 to 20.

There are 21 sporting events and registrations have already started. This brings me to bocce. Once again, our bocce players have to repair the bocce court that’s constantly ruined by bikers.

I don’t understand why bikers constantly ride all over it. They have all of Smithers to do their riding including special bike ramps built by the Town of Smithers.

Thus, Zone 11 is looking for financial and manual help to repair the bocce court.

Kindly call David Mould, 250-877-6182, Olga Walker at 850-847-5431 or Aren Bakker at 850-847-2369.

Attention parents: please tell your children to keep out of the bocce court!

Thanks in advance to those who can help.

Olga Walker

Smithers, B.C.