Having a blast at the rodeo

I know last week’s My Town was about the rodeo but after an amazing weekend, well I just had to talk about it once again but this time from the weekend’s experience instead of the anticipation.

While it did rain a bit on Saturday, from start to finish, the 64th Annual Kispiox Valley Rodeo was once again a phenomenal time. They had all the usual great events of the rodeo circuit and a some great kids events such as Mutton Bustin, Cash Calf Grab, stick horse race and more and they also added two new events this year that were a huge success.

First was the Wild Horse Race. Now I must admit I had no idea what this would entail and was quite intrigued upon hearing about this new event. Now that I have witnessed it first hand, lets just say I don’t think anyone was disappointed. Basically a team of three tried to hold on to wild horses while one of them puts a saddle on the bucking and pulling animal and then had to get on and ride for a few seconds. I can tell you that I laughed so hard it hurt the first day. Watching these teams trying to pull this off was extremely entertaining and the people I talked to agreed that it was truly hilarious. I was so surprised to find out it is a sanctioned event and that no one got hurt and my hats off to all those who competed in the race on both days.

Then in a similar fashion the second new event was the Wild Pony Race for the younger cowboys and cowgirls. Now at least these teams came out one at a time to avoid the sheer mayhem of the adult event but still, it was extremely challenging to get a wild pony to stand still let alone get a saddle on it and then climb up on the ponies back. While there may not have been a lot of success in either event, it was a tremendous effort and very fun to watch.

In other rodeo action, I thought there was a great turnout for all the sanctioned events and some great rides in the bronc, saddle bronc and bull riding although no one managed to stay on for a qualified ride in the bulls. Bruce Chandler was the rodeo clown again this year and while someone stole his horse cart on Friday night it was found in the woods on Saturday with a bent, but usable tire so he could perform his whole act on Sunday. Part of that show involved bringing in eight sheep and a donkey in a small car to the surprise of the packed crowd. Other big hits were the presence of Ms. Canada Rodeo Queen along with the Williams Lake Rodeo Queen and the Montreal Habs netminder Carie Price returned for the third year to try his luck at team roping.

I could go on and on about what a great weekend it was and what a phenomenal job the Allen’s and many other organizers do but I only have so much space. So with that said, a huge thank you to all the participants, organizers and spectators for making the 64th Rodeo another great success in the pristine Kispiox Valley.

Shannon Hurst writes the weekly My Town and is the correspondent for the Three Rivers Report.