Hats off to roadside cleaners

I was poised to take my hat off to the young people of Telkwa and Smithers; just a way for me to say good for you for taking the time and initiative to clean up the garbage along our highway and village. I even thought a thank you bouquet would have been in order.

My hat still comes off as a thank you but I just wonder about the mindset of those who have added their garbage mark to the short-lived clean roadside. What is that all about?

White plastic bags flop about like injured birds. Coffee containers from somewhere wait for a refill in the ditch. Some clear plastic has wrapped itself affectionately around trees.

I just don’t get it. Ok, maybe some of the garbage has escaped from your vehicle as you head to the dump. It would be easy enough to secure the darn bags. Empty paper cups is another thing. If you can manage the full cup of whatever, couldn’t you hang onto the empty cup until you could find a garbage can? Guess not.

We have enough unnecessary garbage with the packaging for food items, hardware things, home furnishing or for that matter just about everything we buy comes encased in some kind of tomb.

I just hope the youth of this region are not discouraged by the careless behaviour of others. Believe me we do appreciate your yearly efforts to make our community looks better.

As a little aside for the birders of the region I must tell you that Eddy the crow has laid 5 eggs! Eddy cannot fly and has been here for 18 years. She lives in a large pen with old Betty. Obviously Betty and Eddy have some kind of connection. I tried to help with nest building but no luck preventing the eggs from breaking. Just as well I suppose.

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Brenda Mallory writes the weekly Spice of Life column.