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Hard to find TV that isn’t annoying

Brenda doesn’t like watching angry people being angry

Hard as it is I try to not look at TV that will annoy me. You know what I mean. Angry people being angry. This I find is most often in the political realm. I don’t want to know how many lies a day a president can tell. Not even remotely interested in how much money a campaign has collected. Thank goodness I say for the 40-day campaign we had in Canada. So, you ask, what can I find to watch?

It is back to PBS. Knowledge and maybe a good mystery on another channel. I do not watch much TV in the evenings. It is my great pleasure to listen to CBC Radio 1. No commercials, good music and documentary segments. This is how it was a few days ago. I brought in my firewood, walked the dogs and cat and decided I should sit in front of the TV to have a look-see at something. There it was – a good show. It was titled Growing Bolder with Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer. The show featured inspirational stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives. Men and women smashing stereotypes and proving that when it comes to living big bold lives, it’s not about age, it’s about attitude.

We were told that we only die once but we can live everyday with purpose. The presenters on the show all had a story to tell reminding us we can do so much as we age. The book written was titled – Growing Bolder. Defy the cult of youth and live with passion and purpose. What a grand idea.

I enjoyed the discussion about the folks living in Blue Zones. Places where people live a long time in a good way. Most would eat a plant based diet. The diet included beans and a handful of nuts. Throw in a sense of community and it has the recipe for a healthy meaningful life. I thought about these words when I enjoyed a cup of coffee with interesting people at Mountain Eagle Books.

I have an idea this show will surface again on PBS. The computer tells me I can do this and that and will soon be entertained. Don’t know how to do that stuff so I leave it to greater minds than mine to find this documentary. Of course you could buy the book and have a good read.

Cold days are coming so make sure you feed something good for the birds. You could buy a nice suet cake or smear peanut butter somewhere. Seems most of the birds like peanut butter. I have 15 or so chickadees at the feeder today as well as a squirrel or two. Buster the crow made sure he had his feed. When a raven came by I gave him some broken cookies. There is a limit. Had a chat with Marg from Smithers. She tells me she has a northern flicker eating from a suet cake.

When the days are colder I make sure the dogs are warm in their beds with heated dog pads. River, the dog with cancer will also wear a doggy coat. Water is at the ready and a bit of warm juice from their lightly cooked hamburger helps when added to their dinner. The cat? He goes outside and complains loudly about the cold weather. On that note I will leave this for now. Better bring the cat in.

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