Happy New Year

It’s been a weird one

This week's editorial.

It is hard to believe that our flag reads “Week 51” on this edition of The Interior News.

In a normal year this would be Week 50, but 2020 has certainly not been a normal year and just by a quirk of fate, in a year that most people are thinking ‘as if it hasn’t been long enough,’ we happen to have 53 weeks instead of 52.

Of course, that is not technically true. A normal year is 52 weeks and one day and a Leap Year is 52 weeks and two days, but because our first paper was Jan. 1 and February had 29 days, our last paper will be Dec. 31 and read “Week 53.”

In the longstanding tradition of this newspaper, and media organizations everywhere, our last two editions of the year will feature a year in review.

It will come as no surprise to anyone what our number one story of the year is.

COVID-19 has dominated headlines for 10 of 2020’s 12 months. And contrary to our detractors, it is certainly not because we wanted it that way.

We would have much rather covered all the usual events than have to report they were all cancelled or modified.

Nevertheless, we have decided to leave the pandemic out of our usual Top 10 countdown and treat it as separate number one.

Despite the year that was, a lot of other, unrelated, news, and much of it good, happened this year, all of which was covered in these pages.

We are hoping, as we assume most people are, that 2021 will see us get back to some semblance of normalcy.

As part of the year in review for the next two weeks, we will be reprinting two of our most popular editorials from the past year.

So, this being the last new editorial for 2020, we want to take this opportunity to wish all of our readers great joy over the holiday season from all of us here at The Interior News.