Happy Easter

Happy Easter

The Interior News salutes those people who have to work on the holiday

Most of us, this week, are preparing for a long weekend.

We might be travelling somewhere to be with family, or changing the sheets in the guest bedroom to receive loved ones.

Maybe we are shopping for turkey and all the trimmings, hiding colourful eggs and treats for the small ones, making sure the liquor cabinet is stocked up, decorating with festive spring flowers.

If we are of certain religious persuasions, we may be looking forward to an inspirational service celebrating the message of joy and peace that comes with the promised salvation.

Even those who do not share the faith that gave rise to the Easter season, may be reflecting on that message.

Or perhaps we are just ready to catch up on some neglected chores or much-needed sleep.

However, there are those who will not being doing any of those things because they have to work.

There are the people who serve in the hospitality industry, from the pilots who get us where we are going to the housekeepers who make up our hotel rooms to the servers in the restaurants to the gas station clerks

There are also the people who must be there to keep us safe over the holiday weekend. The doctors and nurses and police officers and firefighters etc.

It may be going to far to say these people are poor unfortunates. Some, though not all, have chosen to work in these professions knowing full well there will be shifts on days when the majority are celebrating.

And most, though not all, get paid a premium to take on these less than desirable shifts.

Nevertheless, they do miss out on the time with family and friends in order to be there for the rest of us.

So, to all those of you, who sacrifice personal for our convenience and safety, The Interior News salutes you.

Happy Easter everybody.